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Welcome to Springwater Taekwondo

The club was founded in March 2002 by the Chief Instructor, Master Kieron Kay, who for many years has been studying and teaching Taekwondo.


Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art. The name Taekwondo roughly translated means Foot, Hand, Way or “The Way of Hand and Foot”. Our aim is to teach you this martial art, improve your health and fitness, confidence and self defence capabilities.We promise to make everyone welcome, treat them fairly and give them the consideration they deserve regardless of their age, gender, creed or colour.


We aim to make you work hard, stretch yourself both physically and mentally, whilst at the same time maintaining a fun, friendly atmosphere. We hope that you will come along, enjoy yourself and make new friends while learning this dynamic martial art.


At the beginning of each lesson we will start with a warm up, progressing into a gentle stretching programme, before moving onto learning our own structured syllabus. With the application of hard work and determination we feel we can help you to achieve your personal goals.


Remember Taekwondo is not just about learning to kick and punch but Taekwondo can and should be used to help promote balance and harmony in ones’ daily life.

We are a non-profit making organisation and all excess proceeds from Springwater Taekwondo will be donated to local registered charities.



1st Lesson


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