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SpringWater TaekwondO Tigers


We at Springwater Taekwondo have occasionally been able to integrate younger students into our classes but recently more and more parents have been bringing younger and younger children to us for lessons.

It was impractical to involve so many of them at once as many younger children do not have the awareness and concentration levels required to take part in a traditional martial arts class.  Because of the number of candidates involved we started a new class aimed solely at younger children (aged 5-9 years old).  The structure of the syllabus for the Tiger program is obviously much simpler than our usual syllabus.  It involves lots of pad work (kicking and punching), basic self defence training, and lots of mobility and movement exercises.  In all, it’s a high tempo, fun filled hour for all the students. 

Springwater TaekwondO

At Springwater Taekwondo we teach the full art of Taekwondo, not just parts of it. We teach Basics, Patterns, Sparring (both sports style and traditional step sparring), Self Defence and Destruction. So if you a require a solid grounding in Taekwondo we are the club for you.


To ensure that we are open to ideas from everywhere we regularly take part in seminars involving instructors from other styles. We also compete in both Patterns and Sparring tournaments.

The aim of the Tiger Programme is to help the youngsters to develop and improve their confidence, focus, concentration and of course their self defence awareness and capabilities.

If on the other hand, you just want to get a little bit fitter and learn some self defence then come along and have a look at us. we train in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that's open to all. Just try us.

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