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Welcome to Springwater Taekwondo, an independant organisation. Here at Springwater Taekwondo, we realise that there are many reasons for taking up Martial Arts. The reasons for training are often as varied and diverse as the students themselves. We will do our best to accommodate each individual. We hope our extensive syllabus will cover everyone’s needs and enable them to become skilled at Taekwondo.


Taekwondo translates to Foot, Hand, Way (or Art) in English. It is more often called the Way of Hand and Foot.  Taekwondo is both a modern martial art and a combat sport that develops to become a way of life. Although modern, its’ roots can be traced back to ancient Korea. To the untrained eye much of the art can resemble other martial arts due to the influence these have had over its’ development but Taekwondo has a vast range of technique. It is most famous for its’ incredible range of fast, high kicking skills.

Through rigorous training students will improve themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. The tenets of Taekwondo are:


  • Etiquette         

  • Modesty           

  • Perseverance            

  • Self Control         

  • Indomitable Spirit


Taekwondo promotes an increase in health, fitness, strength, flexibility, physical speed, confidence, self worth and most importantly increases one’s self defence capabilities.

There are 5 disciplines or core activities to Taekwondo:


  • Basics       

  • Patterns         

  • Sparring           

  • Self Defence         

  • Destruction

These are all interconnected and improvement in any one discipline is linked to improvement in all of them. 

Progression through the grade system is dependent upon regular hard work.

Generally, students who train twice a week here at Springwater Taekwondo should be ready to try for grading (promotion) each time we hold a grading test. These are held approximately every 4 months.  
We appreciate that these days many people can only commit to training once per week. This will mean a greater time lapse between promotions. 
Improvement and advancement is still possible if a student trains less often than this, but again, the time lapse between promotions will be greater.


Our syllabus is large and quite varied. To enable students to successfully work through the syllabus it is split up into parts and upon succesful completion of testing / grading, a new grade and belt is awarded.







We are proud to licence and insure all our instructors and students through the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA). They are leading independent martial arts association that regulates, develops and promotes martial arts throughout the UK.

Find out more at: About BMABA 

To allow us access to even more high quality instructors from various martial arts we have joined the All Styles Martial Arts Association/Self Defence Federation ASMAA/SDF.

At Springwater Taekwondo we are committed to teaching high quality martial arts in a safe environment. As a non - profit making organisation we keep student's costs as low as possible!

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